We often get asked this question as we don’t have anyone called John Burrows in the band. The name was chosen by our singer Adam who is a big fan of Elvis.

‘Jon Burrows’ is an alias that Elvis used to check into hotels etc. We borrowed the name and changed the spelling slightly. There have been numerous conspiracy theories surrounding Elvis’s death more than 40 years ago, for instance, it was reported that shortly after Elvis’ death, a man went into an airport and purchased a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reportedly the man looked like Elvis, and gave the name ‘Jon Burrows’; could it have actually been him? We’d like to think so.

We usually limit playing to 2 hours per gig, to ensure that we have both the stamina and ability to provide a first class show. The 2 hours can be divided into either 2 or 3 sets to suit your needs. We normally get asked to play either 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40min sets but can be flexible to fit in with your requirements.

We are a self-contained ‘Live’ band and provide all the sound equipment, including backline, fold-back and FOH PA suitable for most clubs and rooms up to a maximum of 250 persons capacity. We also provide stage lighting and can, if required, also play recorded background music before and between sets.

Most larger venues will have an ‘in-house’ sound system that we would utilise, and for outdoor festivals we would recommend using a ‘hired in’ sound system, sized accordingly. We can arrange all this for you if needed.

If your chosen song is not on our playlist and is appropriate for us to play, then we would try our best to learn it for you. Please let us know at your earliest convience before the gig and we will be able to tell you if it is possible and that we can play it. In the event that the song is not suitable for us to play ie wrong Genre, female vocal etc then we could arrange, if needed, to play an Mp3 track for you instead.   

Please feel free to choose songs from our playlist for inclusion in the sets, but please bear in mind that to give your audience the best possible experience we will often change the running order to suit the audience reaction.

Booking enquiries are confirmed by email, you will need to provide your full address, contact details and information regarding the venue. Once the details have been agreed, A non-refundable deposit of approximately 10% will be required, this is payable by BACS, cash or Cheque. On receipt of the deposit the booking will be confirmed to you by email.

No, all known costs are included in the quoted price.

As a self-contained unit our electrical power requirement is:

 2kVa @ 220 Vac 50Hz.

This is usually supplied via 2 or 3 conventional mains socket outlets.

Yes, if the venue requires a certificate for either of the above, please let us know 1 month before the date of the booking. We take safety seriously and endeavour to comply at all times with the Health & Safety Executives guidance document:

Electrical Safety for Entertainers Ref INDG247(rev1) published 03/14